Video Miley Cyrus Jonas Brothers At Kids Inaugural Concert How Hot Are They

The crowd was wild for Jonas Brother. Sasha and Malia Obama certain aspect that loving king Miley Cyru performance. Crew clad mother Michelle Obama, and Vice President-elect Joe Biden four grandchildren. If children are the future of this great nation. What an amazing show, Michelle Obama told the crowd. Both Malia and Sasha jumped up when the guys started clapping and the stage. Cyru, Demi Lovato and Jonas Brother among those that have been performed at the Kids inaugural concert, an invitation-only event for families and other area military children at Lincoln Memorial on Monday. Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, Saturday in the front row with their J. At this moment in our country history, we wanted you to be able to join in this celebration. They danced with their mother and Biden grandkids.

22.1.09 09:08

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